Provides technical and administrative consultation, guidance, and support for the Water Supply Division of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).Conducts, plans and coordinates evaluations of public water systems' optimization and compliance status, including analysis of compliance and process management data, engineering designs and reports, maintenance, administration, and operation records of water facilities; documents the results of evaluations in customized technical reports; identifies, develops, and monitors corrective action plans to address problems identified; and participates in or coordinates with the Revised Total Coliform Rule program, Texas Optimization Program, At-Risk System program, and other related Division programs. Evaluations may include on-site investigations, desk-top file review, and data analysis. Coordinates, monitors, and tracks public water systems with identified risks such as excessive bacteria identified through coliform or disinfectant residual compliance data; surface water treatment plants that have excess turbidity or inadequate disinfection; and utilities placed in receivership,temporary management, bankruptcy, or supervision of the TCEQ. Assists with obtaining compliance by providing technical assistance to return systems to compliance. Accurately and completely documents and maintains records for each tracked public water system including maintaining performance, compliance, and situation reports. Coordinates with TCEQ Office of Compliance and Enforcement. Provides technical assistance, mentoring and training to agency personnel, UT Arlington contractors, water system owners, operators, and the general public; serves as a liaison/consultant to regional staff regarding engineering, operating, and regulatory issues related to public drinking water distribution systems; develops, directs, and implements training for improving the skills of TCEQ public water system investigators and other agency personnel, and develops and reviews training materials used by TCEQ staff and/or TCEQ contractors involved with providing rule implementation, data management, compliance, and optimization assistance. Prepares standards, templates, policies, and procedures for conducting desk-top and on-site evaluations of public drinking water distribution systems, including microbial land water chemistry evaluations; trains agency personnel in evaluation procedures. Assists in the professional development of less experienced staff. Reviews and edits correspondence and other documents prepared by others. Plans and administers special projects required for development and implementation of regulatory processes, data collection, and improved management and technical techniques. Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) Codes: 92W, 72D, AG, 180X-RL, 646X-LDO, MST, 790, 72, OAR15, 6842, 6802, 8831, 8866,1W0X1, 1W0X2, 8E000, 9S100, and 15WX Minimum Qualifications: A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university, with a major in a natural or physical science, engineering, environmental studies, or related field (COPYOF OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT REQUIRED WITH APPLICATION), plus six years of full-time experience in environmental activities. One year of full-time experience in the field of environmental activities may be substituted for each year (30 semester hours) of the required education. OR A master's degree from an accredited college or university in the degrees listed above, or related fields (COPY OF OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT REQUIRED WITHAPPLICATION) plus five years of the required experience. OR A doctorate degree from an accredited college or university in engineering, science, environmental science or related fields (COPY OF OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTREQUIRED WITH APPLICATION) plus four years of the required experience. OR Two years of full-time experience as a Natural Resources Specialist IV at the TCEQ. Preferred Requirements: Experience with public drinking water distribution systems analyses, s