1. Install and repair wiring, electrical fixtures, power equipment, control and distribution apparatus, and components of machinery and equipment following electrical code, manuals, specifications, schematics, and blueprints. 2. Diagnose and resolve problems in electrical circuits, systems, and equipment and test continuity of circuits to ensure compatibility and safety of components. 3. Install and connect power supply wiring, cables, conduit, and electrical apparatus for machines and equipment in new and existing facilities following diagrams, schematics, or blueprints. 4. Measure, assemble, and install electrical conduit using measuring devices, hand tools, pipe threader, and conduit bender. 5. Detect needed repairs on buildings, grounds, and equipment following established inspection procedures. 6. Repair or recommend replacement of electrical appliances, including commercial ovens, ranges, steam tables, washers, and dryers. 7. Receive and complete work orders in a timely manner. Select material and hardware and calculate time and materials estimates. Maintain accurate records on material and labor used. 8. Maintain inventory of district-owned tools, equipment, and materials. 9. Inspect jobs upon completion and ensure areas are clean. 10. Work with building principals and supervisors to schedule and complete projects. 11. Respond to emergency calls as needed. Safety 1. Follow established safety procedures and techniques to perform job duties, including lifting and climbing. Operate tools and equipment according to established safety procedures. 2. Correct unsafe conditions in work area and promptly report any conditions that are not immediately correctable to supervisor. 3. Perform preventive maintenance on tools and equipment to make sure that equipment is in safe operating condition.