As Laborer, you are responsible for manual labor tasks in a wide variety of job assignments. Typically, your work is performed under the immediate direction of a Craftsperson or Manager, but many routine and repetitive tasks may be completed without difficulty and under general supervision once learned. Essential Duties include: Operate jackhammer, paving breaker, or cement mixer. Construct concrete forms, mix and pour cement.2 Prepare and patch driveway and walkway surfaces. Safely operate Zoo vehicles including dump, pick up, and flatbed trucks; front-end loader, forklifts, and personal lift equipment. Operate mechanical sweeper or use push broom. Dig drainage ditches, clean culverts, and fill washouts. Maintain Zoo vehicles and other powered equipment. Assist various Craftspersons with assigned projects. Comfortable working in heights on roofs and in lift equipment Setting up and taking down lighting and equipment for multiple events Establish and maintain positive, cooperative, and effective working relations with fellow employees. Constantly exhibit a guest service attitude, a smile, and an obvious interest in guest comfort and service. Communicate with the public in a courteous and tactful manner and assist guests with questions and directions to various areas of the Zoo. Address the guest - do not wait to be asked. Remove trash and debris from public area. Any and all other duties as assigned. Skills and Qualifications include: Must have the schedule flexibility to work weekends, holidays and occasional after-hour assignments as needed. Able to understand, foresee, and apply necessary safety precautions applicable to the Zoo environment. Able to read, write, and understand English. Knowledge of hand tools and simple equipment used in performing assigned jobs. Valid driver's license. Physical demands include: Able to perform strenuous labor under extreme weather conditions typical of south Texas and under extreme working conditions. Able to perform work tasks while bending, standing, kneeling, squatting, lifting, twisting, reaching, or sitting. Ability to lift heavy objects (minimum of 50 lbs.) from ground level, move approximately 10 feet and perform this at least 5 times in succession without danger of injury. Must be comfortable with heights (ladder, lifts, etc.)