BURNET SENIOR CARE LLC Activity Assistant in BURNET, Texas

Enforce rules and regulations of recreational facilities to maintain discipline and ensure safety. Organize, lead, and promote interest in recreational activities, such as arts, crafts, games, and hobbies. Assess the needs and interests of individuals and groups and plan activities accordingly, given the available equipment or facilities. Assist the Director with the daily operations of recreational facilities. Administer first aid according to prescribed procedures and notify emergency medical personnel when necessary. Complete and maintain time and attendance forms and inventory lists. Explain principles, techniques, and safety procedures to participants in recreational activities and demonstrate use of materials and equipment. Evaluate recreation areas, facilities, and services to determine if they are producing desired results. Document individuals' progress toward meeting their treatment goals. Greet new arrivals to activities, introducing them to other participants, explaining facility rules, and encouraging participation. Confer with management to discuss and resolve participant complaints. Meet with staff to discuss rules, regulations, and work-related problems. Oversee upkeep of recreation facilities and areas. Encourage participants to develop their own activities and leadership skills through group discussions. Provide for entertainment and set up related decorations and equipment. Conduct individual in-room visits with residents. Develop treatment goals for individuals based on their assessments. Evaluate staff performance, recording evaluations on appropriate forms