RKI INC Powder Coater in HOUSTON, Texas

1. Essential Job Functions: The Powder Coater is responsible for applying powder paint to products on a moving conveyor at the acceptable thickness level. The Powder Coater is responsible for daily maintenance of all powder coating equipment including guns, hoppers, and the booth itself. The Powder Coater is also responsible for timely color changes and the overall cleanliness on the Green Room. The Powder Coater will also participate in periodic inventory and down day activities. The Powder Coater may participate in other operations as needed. 2. Qualifications: 2.1. Experience Required: At least one year of verifiable full year at another job. Powder Coating experience with a manual gun is preferred. 2.2. Skills Required: Ability to read and write English. 2.3. Physical Requirements: Ability to lift 100 pounds.